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Uncover Your “Love Reasons” with 19 Prompts

Uncover Your “Love Reasons” with 19 Prompts

The BLANKETLUV is a gift they’ll cherish forever because it’s unique to them.

Nobody will ever have one like it. And, since it’s specific to the person they are, it’s a lifelong confidence-boost.

Really, who wouldn’t want to receive this thoughtful, cuddly blanket?

While brainstorming ideas why you love them, it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions. We’ll cover those in this post.


Questions to Ask Yourself to Uncover Love Reasons

Sometimes you can feel the love in your heart, but it’s hard to express it in words. We understand you. To get the juices flowing, consider these prompts:

  1. What’s the best part of their personality?
  2. What are they known for?
  3. What are your favourite things about them?
  4. Is there a physical feature that’s special about them?
  5. Why are you grateful for them?
  6. What do you wish the world knew about them?
  7. What makes moments with them so special?
  8. Do they have a special talent?
  9. What would make them smile to read?
  10. What originally attracted you to them?
  11. What would boost their confidence when they read it?
  12. How do they make you feel?
  13. What do you wish they saw in themselves?
  14. What kind things does the person do for you?
  15. What would you miss about them if you never spoke again?
  16. Is there anything quirky about them that you love?
  17. What do they do better than other people?
  18. What kind things does the person do for other people?
  19. What qualities do they have that others don’t?