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Top 3 Occasions to Gift BlanketLuv - Personalized Anniversary Gift!

Top 3 Occasions to Gift BlanketLuv - Personalized Anniversary Gift!

Whether you aim to gift our personalized blankets on a special occasion or simply to just remind someone what they mean to you, BlanketLuv suits many occasions.

Here are our top 3 occasions to gift BlanketLuv:

1. Personalized Anniversary Gift.

What more could show your partner what they mean to you than a fully personalised anniversary gift, which you can choose 10 different personal love reasons. A gift that can be taken everywhere when they travel or even something that can be kept at home for when they need something to keep them warm and make them smile.

2. Personalized Birthday Gift.

A lover? A crush maybe? or even someone you want to know that you care. The perfect personalised gift blanket, to really show your appreciation for someone, especially on their birthday.

3. What Occasion?

Does there really need to be a 'special occasion' to gift that special somebody such a personal and loving gift? Hell no! Let your partner know what they really mean to you with 10 personalized reasons.


Here are just 3 of many occasions to gift BlanketLuv, the personalized love blanket, if you wish to order just visit our store or give us a message if you need any help.