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There’s just so many reasons to love BLANKETLUV.


#1 Makes People Feel Special

Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary or a holiday gift—everyone wants and deserves to feel special. Reading the reasons someone loves them will instantly brighten the occasion. It will make for a gift they’ll never forget.


#2 It’s Thoughtful

Most gifts these days are store-bought and many people have the same item. The thought that goes into these is typically limited. BLANKETLUV shows your person that you’ve thought of them—a lot! This makes people feel cared for, valued and loved.


#3 It’s a Beautiful Piece of Decor

This sentimental gift is also a beautiful piece of decor when draped over a sofa or chair. It’s a great conservation piece that will make their guests jealous.


#4 It’s Unique

Nobody will ever have a gift like it. Not only is BLANKETLUV a rare gift, but the reasons are customized to who they are as a person. This is something they’ll never receive.


#5 It’s a Confidence Boost

Wouldn’t you love someone to tell you all the reasons why you’re so great? Everyone loves a good confidence boost. Make the occasion special by making them feel amazing.


#6 They’ll Think Of You Forever

Every time they use their blanket, they’ll remember why you love them.